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Leasing a multi-functional printer (MFP) or a desktop printer is an option many businesses take because it alleviates cashflow, and negates the expensive cost of an outright purchase.

Flexibility In Your Printing Solutions

Whether you require service support or advice on digital printing products or a complete review of your company’s printing and imaging strategy, we have a friendly, skilled team ready to help.

  • At Red Rose Copiers, we are committed to providing Manchester and the entire North West region with the most competitive finance and leasing packages available in the market place.
  • We have chosen to partner with the best leasing partners who can offer a large portfolio of competitive finance options.
  • This enables us to offer flexible finance arrangements ranging from short-term to long-term rentals, to simple cost per print agreements including the rental of the equipment for the period of hire.

Our Finance


  • Whether you are looking to rent, purchase or lease, we will ensure that Red Rose Copiers provides the most appropriate finance package that best suits your business.
  • In addition to this, we also offer a unique in house rental solution for when a customised tailored solution is required by our clients.


We also provide Operating Leases specifically designed for use within the Education and Local Government sector.

We can structure various packages suitable for the customer’s individual needs including:

  • Purchasing outright (with or without a maintenance contract)
  • Lease rental (100% tax allowable)
  • Short-term rental agreement
  • Cost per print agreement

Ongoing benefits of a lease agreement

  • Flexible agreements can be discussed and we can take into account your circumstances and print requirements.
  • Also, over the course of your agreement, you can add more devices so you always have up-to-date equipment available to you.

Some of the other tangible benefits include:

  • Replace your old tech with new when your lease agreement renews.
  • Preserves your working capital which you can invest elsewhere in your business.
  • Creates a fixed monthly cost, thus avoiding the need for depreciation schedules.
  • Makes it easier to budget, and can also ensure you never run out of toner, nor experience downtime when your printer experiences a fault.