Have you ever considered upgrading your security?

It’s time to extend the same level of security you have for your IT infrastructure to your office documents! Red Rose Copiers is here to help.


Keep your business-critical information safe from prying eyes. Whether it’s in physical or digital form, we make sure it’s not exposed or disclosed to unauthorised individuals or systems. For example, we secure information transfer over networks when documents are printed or scanned, and we enable secure data storage so that confidential documents can’t be recovered from a multi-functional printer hard drive.


Your information should remain true to the original version, and with our help, it will. We control changes or deletions by requiring prior authorisation, ensuring that the integrity of your documents is maintained. In many industries, document integrity is a legal requirement, but with digital signatures on scanned documents, you can be sure that the document can’t be changed and will always be displayed exactly as it was scanned.


Information should be available when and where it’s needed, and in the right form. That’s why we encrypt PDF documents, making sure that only authorised individuals, with the right password, can access the information. We want to make sure that your hard-earned information is always at your fingertips.

Did you know: Paper records are responsible for nearly 25% of all data breaches! The cost of lost business due to a breach can be devastating, making up 36% of the overall cost of a breach. Don’t let that happen to your business.

You’ve got firewalls, virus protection, and data encryption guarding your computers, but what about the valuable information you print, fax, or send? It could easily be lost, damaged, or stolen. It’s time to secure the information your business owns. Contact Red Rose Copiers today!